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offers you since more than 80 years individual consultation and a first class service in the development and the manufacture of tents.

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Raap Planen und Zelte KG (GmbH & Co.)

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Planning, design and layout, production and assembly

For our customers from manufacture, event and entertainment industry, as well as for our private customers, we manufacture high quality tents, e.g.: 

  • Circus tents, theatre tents, palace tents, riding tents 
  • Special tent constructions, seating equipment
  • Sun and rain sails for all weathers 
  • Soundproofing tensioning sails
  • Tarpaulins, all kind of covers 
  • Special textile products for industry and shipping

In the manufacture of our products, we heed to lightweight, particularly stable construction and resource-saving product development. 

With our tents, we offer you a cost-effective and space-saving alternative that complies with your individual ideas. 

From the planning, over a 3D form finding of the products,

the design with the corresponding colour design, 

the static calculation incl. all TÜV approvals 

to the production you receive everything from one source. 

We also offer you delivery and world wide assembly.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, we will offer you a suitable solution.   

Raap Planen und Zelte KG (GmbH & Co.) Raap Planen und Zelte KG (GmbH & Co.) Raap Planen und Zelte KG (GmbH & Co.)


Take a look at our product-range. 

We offer you a wide range of tent variants, specially tailored to your requirements. 

Special tent constructions on individual customer request

Our range of services

  • Representative circus tents in every shape and size. Static calculations and planning of the tents incl. TÜV-tested construction book.

  • Tension tents, like theatre tents, pagoda tents, palace tents, star tents.

  • Manege carpets, inflatable manege boarders, artist entrances, awnings and back tents.

  • Riding tents, lunging tents and stable tents, as well as boat hall tarpaulins.

  • Tension sails, such as sun sails, rain sails and soundproof sails.

  • Heavy fabric assemblies, lightweight tarpaulins, covers, windbreak tarpaulins, textile hoses.

  • Textile canopies, textile garages, walkways and advertising tarpaulins.

  • Special designs for industry and shipping or for private applications.

Get in contact with us.

For a comprehensive consultation, please visit us in our office in Hamburg-Harburg, where we offer you different tent variants tailored to your needs. Furthermore we guarantee years of experience and individual solutions for your project!

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7.30 - 15.30 / Mon-Thu 
7.30 - 14.00 / Fri 
Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. 


RAAP Planen und Zelte KG (GmbH & Co.)

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